A point-and-shoot camera, also called a compact camera, is a still camera designed primarily for simple operation. Most use focus free lenses or autofocus for focusing, automatic systems for setting the exposure options, and have flash units built in.

Point-and-shoots are by far the best selling type of separate camera, as distinct from camera phones. They are popular with people who do not consider themselves photographers but want an easy to use camera for snapshots of vacations, parties, reunions and other events. Point-and-shoot camera sales declined after about 2010 as smartphones overtook them in such uses.

Camera House works in Camera Sales Services.

We are dealing in following Sales Services :

  • Video Cameras
  • We are selling Video Cameras. We are dealing in two companies in Video Camera Category -
    (i). Panasonic    (ii). Sony

  • Digital Still Cameras
  • We are selling Digital Still Cameras. We have available all companies Digital Cameras. Some of the digital camera companies names are here in which we are dealing -
    Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, Canon, Olympus etc.

  • Flash Guns
  • We are dealing in Flash Guns. We have available a number of series in Flash Guns.

  • Studio Lights
  • We have available number of Studio Lights.

  • Video Lights
  • We have available number of Video Lights.

  • Sliders
  • We are also dealing in Camera Sliders. We have available number of Camera SLiders.


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